Desk Manager (Sales Manager)

Las Vegas, NV

The purpose of this position is to ensure customer retention and profitability in this profit center by hiring, training, and measuring the performance of salespeople and establishing customer-focused sales standards.  The Sales Manager is viewed as a team coach.  This coach is responsible for developing a strong, consistent, professional sales team.


  1. Prepares and administers an annual operating budget for the new-vehicle sales department.
  2. Forecasts goals and objectives for sales, gross, and key expenses on a monthly and annual basis.
  3. Hires, trains, motivates, counsels, mentors, and monitors the performance of a new-vehicle sales.
  4. Understands, keeps abreast of, and complies with federal, state, and local regulations that affect new-vehicle sales.
  5. Directs and schedules the activities of all department employees, ensuring proper staffing at all times.
  6. Assists individual salespeople in setting aggressive yet realistic monthly goals and objectives and provides them with the support to meet these goals.
  7. Maintains an accurate daily log that reflects all sales activities in the dealership.
  8. Ensures proper follow up of all potential buyers by supporting, and monitoring the BDC Departments activities daily.  In addition, works with the BDC Department in ensuring proper follow-up of all sold customers lease/retail.
  9. Maintains teamwork in a customer-focused sales environment throughout the sales, delivery, and follow-up process.
  10. Conducts daily and weekly sales meetings.
  11. Provides effective communication throughout the new vehicle department as well as interdepartmentally.
  12. Ensures that new-vehicle salespeople understand and follow dealership policies and procedures.
  13. Provides proper product and training resources for salespeople on a regular and continuous basis.
  14. Oversees the efforts of new-vehicle salespeople to enhance the image and customer satisfaction ratings of the dealership.
  15. Works with salespeople on programs that will increase the new-car gross and F&I penetration.
  16. Develops incentive programs along with dealer and other managers.
  17. Helps salespeople close deals when necessary.
  18. Completes deal settlement sheets and turns into accounting office in a prompt and timely manner.
  19. Establishes and maintains standards for the delivery of vehicles to customers.
  20. Ensures that the customer is being scheduled for first service appointment.
  21. Provides GSM/GM/Dealer with accurate floor traffic control data on a daily basis.
  22. Reviews inventory daily to ensure the proper mix of grounded stock for maximum turnover efficiency.
  23. Recommends to the general sales manager the new-car inventory to be carried by color, model, and equipment, based on a variety of customer market analyses.
  24. Assists the used-vehicle department with trade appraisals as needed.
  25. Directs merchandising and advertising efforts for the new-vehicle department in conjunction with the management team.
  26. Assist in the development of advertising campaigns and other promotions.
  27. Attends manager’s meetings as requested.
  28. Maintains a professional appearance.


• Assist in closing deals 

• Establish personal income goals that are consistent with dealership standards of productivity

• Stay abreast of incoming inventory, features, accessories, etc. 

• Attend managers' meetings and training as requested, review and analyze actions at the end of each day, week, month and year to determine how to better utilize time and plan more effectively 

• Know and understand the federal, state and local laws which govern retail auto sales

• Interact with all other Departments to realize customer satisfaction goals

• Recruit, hire, manage, and monitor the performance of all vehicle sales employees 

• Supervise the efforts of salespeople to enhance the image and customer satisfaction ratings of the dealership 

• Monitor and analyze salespeople's performances 

• Assist salespeople closing deals 

• Communicate with salespeople to ensure that dealership policies and procedures are understood and followed

• Maintain a timely owner follow-up system